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65% of Australian wine leaves Australia in flexitanks to be bottled in destination markets. This creates a unique opportunity to buy directly from the grape growers.


The Australian wine industry is highly competitive. Grape growers are under pressure to become more efficient and develop new markets outside the traditional model of delivering fruit to local wineries.



Leading grape growers are moving up the wine supply chain and processing their grapes into wine rather than accepting the spot price for their fruit at harvest time.


South Australian Wine Group and Riverland Vintners provide wine marketing, grape processing, wine storage and preparation services to these progressive grape growers, enabling them to deal directly with international and domestic wine buyers.

本集团和Riverland Vintners酿酒厂为葡萄种植者提供一站式服务-营销、葡萄加工、葡萄酒储存等服务,使他们能够直接与国际和国内的葡萄酒买家进行交易。

South Australian Wine Group's customers are actually buying bulk wine directly from our grape growers. For this reason, our grape growers put their best quality fruit into their wine making programs in order to achieve sales.

本集团的客户实际上是从我们的葡萄种植者那里直接购买散装葡萄酒。 出于这个原因,他们把最好的质量葡萄放进他们酿的酒中。

The wine we market comes from vineyards across a large area ranging from the rolling hills of the Clare Valley in the mid-north of South Australia to Coonawarra in the southern Limestone Coast region and across to Mildura in the east.


All of the vineyards are owned by people who are using their own capital, are committed to the industry and have a genuine desire to grow their businesses.


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