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We provide wine services from the grape to the market!


South Australian Wine Group can arrange the following for purchasers of wine from our extensive wine range.

  • bottling

  • label design & printing

  • bar codes

  • shipping logistics

  • export services for bulk or bottled wine



  • 装瓶

  • 标签设计和印刷

  • 条形码

  • 物流

  • 散装或瓶装葡萄酒出口服务

Our grapes are sourced from all major regions in South Australia and the Sunraysia and Murray Darling regions in Victoria including;

  • Clare Valley

  • McLaren Vale

  • Limestone Coast (Coonawarra, Wrattonbully, Padthaway, Mt Benson)

  • Barossa Valley

  • Currency Creek

  • Langhorne Creek

  • Riverland

  • Murray Darling/Sunraysia


我们的葡萄来源于南澳的所有主要地区,以及维多利亚州的桑瑞亚(Sunraysia)和墨累河岸(Murray Darling)地区:

  • 克莱尔谷 (Clare Valley)

  • 麦克拉伦韦尔 (McLaren Vale)

  • 石灰岩海岸地区 (库纳瓦拉 Coonawarra、拉顿布里 Wrattonbully、帕史维 Padthaway、本逊山 Mt Benson)

  • 巴罗萨谷 (Barossa Valley)

  • 金钱溪 (Currency Creek)

  • 兰汉溪 (Langhorne Creek)

  • 河地 (Riverland)

  • 墨累河岸/桑瑞亚 (Murray Darling/Sunraysia)