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South Australian Wine Group sells wine on behalf of the grape growers who process at our sister company, Winemasters South Australia. Winemasters South Australia is one of Australia's largest wine services businesses located at Monash in the Riverland, South Australia. It is a fully certified organic winery with HACCP accreditation and has a 30,000 tonne crushing facility with 35 million litres of storage and 20 million litres production per annum. 

We supply wines from all the major wine regions of South Australia and South East Australia. 

At our winery, we:

  • Process wine grapes

  • Blend wines to your price, quality and style requirements across many South Australian regions 

  • Blend wines for bulk shipment or bottling for domestic and international markets

  • Supply wines of ongoing consistent quality

  • Have a fully equipped laboratory and two private tasting rooms

  • Store wine for future shipment or bottling

  • Load bulk wine into flexi tanks

  • Arrange transport to ports in Melbourne or Adelaide

  • Are fully certified Organic and HACCP accredited

  • Will receive your wines from other sources, store, blend and prepare for shipment or bottling

  • Encourage you to use your winemakers to help prepare and supervise wines to your exact specifications if you wish

​There are few wineries in Australia with such a large volume and range of wines from as many regions, located at one site. 

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